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About Us

HVAC is more than our passion, it is in our DNA

Our Story

Founded in 2020 by David, John, and Tom Engler, Distribution Depot was created to solve many of the challenges commonly found in the HVAC supply chain. Having previously owned a HVAC distributorship that was founded in 1922, the Englers experienced many of the pain points across the industry firsthand. Those pain points coupled with their strong passion for customer service and innovation, influenced the conception, design, and development of the Distribution Depot platform. The mission of the company is to revolutionize the digital transformation of the HVAC industry by automating the transaction of goods and services across the manufacturer, distributor, and contractor supply chain.

Our Leadership Team

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David Engler

CEO, Founder

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Born with HVAC running through his veins and a knack for problem solving, David founded Distribution Depot. He is John’s younger, better looking brother, and Tom’s favorite son. He spends much of his time advancing our technology and user experience. David's focus is building a rock star team and pushing our company to its fullest potential. His superpower is delusional optimism. In his off time he enjoys building race engines, snowmobiling, and his dog Mika.


John Engler

COO, Founder

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John grew up in the HVAC industry and founded Distribution Depot. He spends much of his time ‘on the jobsite’ working directly with contractors and distributors to make ordering easy. John’s focus as COO is to disrupt and innovate the industry through technology. His superpower is coming up with great analogies. He likes biking, drinking beer on his pontoon boat, and the great outdoors.

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Tom Engler

Chairman, Founder

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Tom is our sensei with 40+ years’ experience in the HVAC distribution business. He founded Distribution Depot and spends much of his time coaching the team. His focus as Chairman is developing relationships within the industry. His superpower is working with family. He likes cooking, boating, and stopping at the local custard stand.

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