Place all your purchase orders from a single app

Streamline your product ordering process with Distribution Depot.

Distribution Depot is an industry-changing inventory and distribution solution for contractors and suppliers. Contractors can now place and manage orders with all of their suppliers from their smartphones, without having to manage multiple apps or scan guns. Suppliers can present their contractor accounts with special offers at the time-of-purchase. Our growing platform will also allow manufacturers to provide the industry with the latest product information in real-time.

How Distribution Depot works

Distribution Depot streamlines your part ordering process. Scan, search or directly enter the item you need. Distribution Depot sorts your items by preferred supplier and generates purchase orders which it sends directly to your suppliers for fulfillment. Contractor and supplier portals are also provided to help manage and review order transactions.

Distribution Depot is not a software replacement; it is an easy-to-adopt complement to your existing system. After an easy set-up process you will be enjoying an easier, more efficient product ordering process.

Contractors: Run your business your way

You have better things to worry about than your ordering process. Distribution Depot makes inventory replenishment easy, no matter what supplier you are ordering from. We allow you to focus on what you do best: providing your customers with excellent service.

  • Eliminate the need for multiple scanners
  • Be aware of supplier promotions when you buy
  • System permissions provide discipline to your selected processes
  • Distribution Depot is free for contractors
Distribution Depot

Suppliers: Enjoy the lowest order transaction cost possible.

Allow your contractor accounts to purchase more inventory, easier. Distribution Depot gives you a stronger customer service advantage by making the ordering process easier. Sell more product by using Depot's dynamic promotional applications.

  • Scale up with no hardware or development costs
  • Allows you to focus on customer service advantages
  • Present your customers with special offers at the time of purchase
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Adding efficiency to your business is our business.