Marketplace Platform Launch!

Distribution Depot was founded with an explicit focus on solving the supply chain issues unique to the HVAC industry. Many of these issues stem from the decentralization of part and product data, and an industry culture largely devoid of a standardized set of order placement and management channels. In short, HVAC contractors have historically struggled with finding the right part - especially those in stock within a reasonable distance - and placing an order quickly and efficiently. With an aim to fix this systemic challenge, the Distribution Depot marketplace platform was developed and launched publicly today.

Our platform (available on desktop, mobile, and tablet) contains an expansive array of distributor catalogs, allows for part/product lookup (with inventory), and multi-supplier order placement from anywhere. This solution eliminates the need to search through disparate collections of supplier catalogs, call around for part availability or inventory, and streamlines the order placement process (no more individual emails, phone calls, or faxes).

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