Find parts and place orders from anywhere

All of your suppliers in one place 


Supplier Portal

Our application provides one centralized location for you to access to all of your suppliers' catalogs, search for parts, view price and inventory, and place orders with multiple suppliers. 

Job Management

Keep track of project budgets, inventory levels, material releases, and replenishment orders all from one application. Our system provides project visibility from warehouse to job site, provides workflows to manage procurement, material request and release, optimizes profitability through increased transparency and governance, and streamlines communication across the supply chain - from field techs to back office.

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Order Automation

Built-in barcode and QR code scanning enables your team to keep track of inventory levels, quickly reorder parts and supplies, or to provide real-time data to your suppliers for automated replenishments.

Maximize your supplier relationships

Optimize the process of knowing when to order, what to order, and who and where to order from. Distribution Depot takes care of the "how" to order.