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Manufacturer Participation Guide

  • It’s Free to Join the Network. Make it easy for contractors to order your products from their suppliers using our app. Send us your part numbers, descriptions, UPC/barcodes, carton quantities, and other available product attributes.
  • Be a Spotlight Manufacturer. Announce new products, boost monthly specials, or simply get your name out. 
  • DDepot Giveaway is a fun and easy way to promote your products and services. Donate a giveaway item and we will select a winning contractor. 
  • Push Notifications are messages sent to target contractors through our app. Quickly and easily make contractors aware of your products, services, updates, announcements, specials and promotions.




    Send us an excel spreadsheet of your product information to be uploaded into the Distribution Depot web portal. Our system contains no manufacturer or supplier pricing. Any and all product attributes or images are welcome. Information to send:

  • Part #
  • Description
  • UPC/Barcode
  • Carton Quantities
  • Other Product Attributes Welcome
  • Use our Hightail account for easy uploads.