Distribution Depot can streamline your business.

Distribution Depot is designed to transform how businesses buy from their suppliers. Scan, search or directly enter the items you need. Distribution Depot sorts your items by your preferred supplier and sends the purchase orders. Contractor and supplier portals are also provided to help manage the order transactions.

This is how Distribution Depot Works:

How It Works
Field Contractors

Field Contractors

Scan, search, or directly enter the parts you need to create POs using the Distribution Depot app. Your smartphone will send the POs directly to the home office.

Field Contractors

Contractor Home Office

Use the Distribution Depot app and web portal to create, review and approve POs and send them directly to your suppliers.

Field Contractors


Receive POs directly from your accounts using the Distrubution Depot web portal. You can also present your accounts with special promotions at the time of purchase.

Field Contractors

Supplier Sales Rep

Use the Distribution Depot app to create POs for your accounts. Your accounts can review or approve these purchase orders.

Want To Depot Today? Follow These Easy Steps:

Create an Account

1) Create an account.

Contact one of your suppliers to get their access code to get you started.

Select your suppliers

2) Select your suppliers.

These will be the suppliers you place orders with.

Build your company profile

3) Build your company profile.

Add users to your company's account. Users can have different roles and permissions.

Upload part numbers

4) Upload part numbers.

Import a spreadsheet with part information, or build parts into a list manually.

Download Distrubution Depot

5) Download Distribution Depot.

Access the mobile app from your Android device. You're ready to start placing orders!

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