Run your business your way

Distribution Depot is a Free Android &Apple app designed to transform how contractors buy from their suppliers. Contractors can use their smart phones to scan or search for the products they need. The app automatically converts the list of selected items into POs and sends them directly to suppliers. Sign up your whole team, and take advantage of the benefits Distribution Depot provides.

Why is Distribution Depot right for you?

  • Distribution Depot offers you money-saving promotions.

    No more forgotten or missed promotion opportunities! Time-of-purchase notifications alert you when an item is on promotion, and which supplier is offering it.

  • Distribution Depot simplifies your process.

    Eliminate the need for multiple scanners. Our system separates your orders by suppliers to help save you time.

  • Distribution Depot Makes Business Sense

    Run your business your way. Order parts from chosen suppliers, and select different roles and permissions for users in your company.

  • Distribution Depot Is Easy to Set Up

    Distribution Depot is NOT a software replacement. It complements your existing software system without the expense or labor of an upgrade.

Distribution Depot App

Look for these exciting new features as we expand our platform:

  • Report a sale

    Replenish your trucks by keeping track of the products you use and real time communication of the sales order information back to your home office.

  • Inventory Count

    Scan and enter the quantity on hand to complete a physical inventory. The system can produce a completed inventory report for exporting.

  • Inventory Return

    Scan and enter the quantity to easily create and track RMA requests with your suppliers.

  • Integration

    Have the Distribution Depot information go directly into your ordering system.

  • Consignment

    Provide Consignment Usage to your suppliers

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Who would have guessed your most useful tool would be on your smart phone.